The Comment Heard Around the World

I have looked at some other student’s blogs and commented on either their About Me page or a post. Here are the links and my comment:

  1. Mariana’s Blog–About Me: “Hello Mariana! My name is Allegra. I saw you left a comment on my blog and so I read some of yours. I believe we have a lot in common! I like pretty much all the things you do… what languages do you know/speak? I speak mandarin, I understand French, and I barely know Spanish. I also know some really simple words in other languages like German! I think it would be awesome if we kept blogging/replying to each other and maybe make a connection!” — I commented on her blog because she commented on a post I made. I thought it was so interesting that we had some things in common!
  2.  Ian’s Blog–About Me: “Hello Ian, I have a cabinet in my kitchen that also has many glasses. There are small glasses for juice, and tall glasses for water. I think the small glasses are perfect for juice because they give just the right amount and juice has a lot of sugar. The water glasses are good though because you should drink plenty of water each day, I don’t remember how much in numbers. I also have a chair at my table that faces outside. Why do you like to look outside? Do you like your plants and trees? What kind of trees and plants do you have? Personally, I like willow trees because they are so pretty in their drooping. What are some “hippy” songs you listen to?”– I chose to comment on his blog because I was very interested in what he said about himself. It made me wonder and ask some questions.
  3.  Sophia’s Blog–About Me: “Hey! I absolutely LOVE your “two truths and one lie” page. It’s such a great idea! How many have you done and do you post new ones each week? That is some awesome dedication if you do. 🙂 I also like all of your cute DIY videos. Lastly, I really like your blog theme. I think it goes really well with the fun videos you’ve posted. It is very springy and cute. I hope you keep posting more videos and maybe I will watch some.” I chose to comment on her page because I saw one of her posts and was inspired. I think I should make one!
  4. Maia’s Blog–About Me: “Hi Maia, I am not always baking, but I love to cook and I think baking is super awesome. I have made brownies a few times, but I don’t bake too often. What do Choc Chip biscuits with condensed milk taste like and what drink does it go well with? I also think eating is the best part about baking.”– I chose to write on her about me page because I thought her hobbies were fun and maybe I could hear more about her baking, particularly Choc Chip biscuits.

I had so much fun exploring other student’s blogs and hopefully you will too.

Catch you later!

— Allegra

4 thoughts on “The Comment Heard Around the World

  1. Hello my name is Hayleigh and I think our a good blog writer because you use really good punctuation,grammar,and other things. I can relate to Ian’s blog because I like to look outside too.

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