Starbucks Takeover

Pretty much everybody knows Starbucks. It has spread so much and so wide that it is in 66 countries! There are 22,000 Starbucks stores and that shows how they really have grown 1,200% since 2008. But why am I telling you this? I am telling you this because I know so many people who love Starbucks, go everyday, and talk about it all the time (sometimes they brought drinks to school!). I don’t think it’s a bad thing though, all it is is a drink company that is really popular. However, the nice thing is they do have bagels and little bars and snacks and things. They’re cups and bottles for sale are nice though and are definitely reusable. But again, Starbucks is humongous! I mean, they must have worked hard to get this far! Anyway, there are so many drinks you can choose from, I never know which to pick– although a vanilla bean-java chip frap is amazing. If you have a Starbucks near you, comment down below and we can see how many people live near one. Also, what is your favorite drink and is it a normal hangout?

I think it is so funny when my friends take Starbucks selfies and pictures of Starbucks to post on social media. Here are some creative photos:

Starbucks CoffeeCreative Commons License Clàudia Matges via Compfight

DSC_5897Creative Commons License Сидней シドニー via Compfight

000061550004 威翰 陳 via Compfight

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Looks good!

– Allegra

7 thoughts on “Starbucks Takeover

  1. Hi Allegra!
    I’m pretty sure there are two Starbucks stores in Hamilton, which is in New Zealand. I’m not sure how many Starbucks stores there are in the whole of New Zealand though. I don’t know what my favourite drink is. There are too many different drinks that I like. Are there any other popular drink companies in your country?
    ~ Joy

    1. It’s hard to think of any others, but I can say Jamba Juice. It is basically a smoothy place. There are a lot of small drink shops that you can drive up to or walk to. What about in New Zealand?
      ~ Allegra

  2. Hi Allegra!
    In New Zealand, there are also lots of small drink shops. I can’t remember their names. A new drink that has come out in New Zealand (at least in Hamilton) is a drink named ‘Aqa’. It’s basically flavoured water. Have you heard of it?
    ~ Joy

    1. Nope! We have many flavored waters here, like Ice. I love the tropical fruit flavored ones! “Aqa” kind of sounds like aqua – which means water in Spanish. What does it look like? Have you tried it? What flavor have you tried and liked? I can’t find a picture in “Compfight”, but I’m sure you could find pictures on the internet.

      ~ Allegra

  3. Hi Allegra!
    ‘Aqa’ is in a can, sort of like a soft drink can. Yes, I have tried it and I really like the peach flavour.
    ~ Joy

  4. Dear Allegra,

    My favorite drink is the caramel frappuccino and Starbucks is one of my normal hangouts. I usually go there every week and if I don’t have Starbucks, I am a bit on edge. I live in Honolulu ( a city in Oahu, Hawaii), and I have about 5 Starbucks near me. Don’t forget to check out my blog/future posts at

    Thank you,

  5. Sadly the nearest Starbucks is 20 minutes away from my town. Personally my favorite drink is the Vanilla Bean frappuccino. If there was a Starbucks in my town, I would be there just about everyday. Are there any Starbucks near your town or city?

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