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I have commented on 5 student blogs from different places around the world asking about what things are popular where they live….

Monique from Australia: (

“I think it is so cool that there are all those attractions. We have many too, like SeaWorld, Great America, and so many others. What food is popular? I heard in Australia you eat Vegemite on toast. Do you like Vegemite? I have never tried it but I want to..”

Michael from Ireland: (

“I would love to go Ireland! What are the chips like? Where in Ireland is Inishowen? I think I have been to or heard of a Bridge Street cafe but definitely not that one! We like chips here too; salty, BBQ, pita, veggie, bean… Anyway, what other foods are popular?”

Ocean from Canada: (

“Hey Ocean! I literally just posted about Starbucks! What other drinks do you like? I love hot chocolate and Starbucks’ is pretty good. What other foods do you like to eat?”

Timothy from New Zealand: (

“That lake looks amazing. What food is really popular in NZ? What is L&P? It looks like a drink and says “flavored beverage” so I’m guessing it is. What does it taste like and do you like it?”

Candela from Spain: (

“This looks so cute! Do you make cupcakes all the time? What other foods do you like to eat? I think cupcakes are yum when they have cream cheese frosting on them. What other things do you like to make? I think baking can be pretty tricky. ;)”


I had so much fun doing this! It is really interesting to see what things are the same and what are different. If you check out these blogs, enjoy all of the fun posts they have made! I really think it is the best when you look at other student blogs — especially when they are doing the blogging challenges too!

This is sticky business,

Allegra 🙂

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